School Vision

School Vision

To create a happy and safe learning environment
~ Chen Ming Ho
Principal of Gong Cheng Elementary School

School education core values

To provide student-centered courses and
To fully inspire and develop students’
To apply the ideas of ethics of care to the students.
To build a harmonious, healthy and safe green campus.
To create a friendly and multidimensional
communication atmosphere.

The elements of a happy and safe learning environment
The main spirits of a happy and safe learning environment
Basic abilities:
Morning Reading–
– To improve students’ language skills based
on the main ideas of the promoting reading program.
– To encourage students to submit articles
to newspapers and magazines.
Course Adjustment —
-To increase learning hours on Chinese and math.
Instructional Design–
-To design multiple teaching activities based on the characteristics of the courses.
Summative Evaluation —
– Besides mid-term and final exams, a diagnostic evaluation will be held at the end of each semester to help teachers and parents understand the students’ learning outcomes.
Establishing School Teams–
-To make use of the functions of the basic training stations to promote basketball. To encourage students to participate in basketball competitions in order to broaden their horizons.
-To establish recorder band, percussion band and gu-zheng band, etc. Through public performances and contests to cultivate students’ humanism quality.
-To establish a school language team to enhance students’ willingness to learn language.

Student Clubs–
-To offer various activities after school, like rollerblading club, swimming club, abacus club, art club, gu-zheng club and table tennis club to promote students’ health and develop their abilities.
Sports Competitions–
-To hold school sports competitions to strengthen students’ bodies.
Parent-teacher Communication —
-Through parent-teacher meetings, parental education, and parents’ day to build communication between parents and teachers.

Teacher-student Interaction —
-To design activities of character and moral
education to increase interaction between teachers and students.
-To encourage students to learn through modeling.

Meeting with the Principal —
– To arrange a face-to-face talk between the principal and the students.
Counseling Mechanism:
Homeroom Teacher’s Accountability —
-To strengthen homeroom teachers’
knowledge and skills of classroom management in order to take good care of each student.
Caring for the Disadvantaged Students–
-Special education activities will be held by
counseling division in order to take good care of the special students.
– To carry out the function and the spirit of education saving accounts in order to help the disadvantaged students.
Friendly campus–
-To set up security notification process to
help students avoid the dangers.
-To hold friendly campus activities, such as caring for the dropouts, promoting gender equality, protecting children and teenagers, preventing students from domestic violence and sexual harassment, promoting life education, human rights, rule of law, moral and civic education, etc.
Our expectations:
To devote all our efforts to children.
To devote all our efforts to education.
To create a win-win result for parents, children and school.